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How is Bluefish Creative Different?

We are all about YOU.

At Bluefish we believe that your vision is paramount. You know your business intimately and your passion for it allows you to communicate that to others. What your marketing material does, is assist you in achieving your business goals and surpassing your objectives.

We will listen to your needs, dig deep, and make suggestions of things you may have never considered. Our customers often discover things that could help their business grow that they didn't even know existed . To learn more about the design process at Bluefish Creative click here or if you have any questions please contact us.


Lara Fisher, BA, MA
Director of Business Development

Lara started Bluefish Creative Communications in 2002 after observing that there was a shortfall in the promotional services offered to small businesses.

Lara’s passion for helping small business succeed in a big business world, offers her a wonderful assortment of creative projects. While working specifically with small business, entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs for more than 5 years, she has learned that the tools to make effective marketing material are largely unavailable and/or are difficult to find.

Her strengths lie in guiding the client through the process and leading a design project team to create original, visually pleasing and professional marketing material. Lara has a natural talent for drawing out the goals and aspirations of her clients, as well as for seeing order on a piece of paper (or on screen).

As the published co-author of Lo’go-ology™, Lara is seen as a small business expert. Her talent for listening and communicating effectively gives her an edge that many people overlook when searching for or working with a design firm. Good communication is the key to a successful marketing campaign or brand creation.

Lara has long expressed talent and interest in design. When she was 7 years old, she spontaneously began writing print advertisements for her mother’s fine bath accessories store, called The Water Closet, in Victoria, BC, Canada. It wasn’t long before the store’s advertising agent caught wind and was publishing them in the newspaper.

Kathrin Hardie
Advertising and Marketing

Kathrin Hardie’s business experience spans over seventeen years in international advertising and marketing, and working – in the UK, Germany and the Americas – with many of the best agencies and biggest brand names in the world. While she has been many things to many people, one thing has remained constant: her determination to make things happen.

For the last seven years, Kathrin has been an independent, hands-on consultant, providing semi-permanent support to small and medium-sized agencies, their clients and independent businesses, by helping them to manage the moment or to tackle the bigger picture. This involves applying international best practice across systems and procedures, as well as managing businesses, projects and people.

Jenny Hughes,
Creative Director

Jenny, a talented artist and accomplished entrepreneur, specializes in Corporate Identity Design and Web Design. Jenny's natural artistic and visual abilities are complemented by her New Media Production and Design Diploma from S.A.I.T in Calgary, AB, and by the training received from the Alberta College of Art and Design. With over 5 years of computer and digital graphics experience, she is a well-rounded graphic artist.

In her personal and professional life Jenny is dedicated to furthering creativity, education and raising public awareness with environmental issues. She is inspired by people, nature and change and likes being super-easy to get along with. When she's not in front of the computer, Jenny can be found working on her reusable bag company (BYOB) www.bringyourownbag.ca.

Sharon Mah,
Lead Graphic Designer/Illustrator

After graduating with distinction from Malaspina University-College, Sharon traveled to Whitehorse, Yukon to begin her design and illustration career. Although the community was small (and cold!), the work was varied, interesting and challenging. Her “northern exposure” ignited a passion for creating strategic, functional designs that are attractive and accessible.

Sharon is also an excellent editor and copywriter. She has a keen “ear” and specializes in creating messages that are short, sweet and targeted. In her spare time, she writes magazine articles and aspires to become a professional food critic!



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